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  • 'We could not speak highly enough of Simon's integrity, honesty, openness and willingness to go the extra mile'

    Mr P & Mrs K Moffat
  • 'Open, honest, reliable. Simon is a great agent. He assisted and supported us every step of the way....even through a few teary moments. His advice was spot on, our sale price exceeding our hopes'

    Mr D & Mrs C Soccorsi
  • 'A refreshing professional agent whose local knowledge and skill made our sale a breeze. We would recommend Simon to anyone. Well done and thank you!'

    Mr C & Mrs D Goldman
  • 'I can highly recommend Simon at Scholtens Property to sell your home! Simon was friendly and so easy to deal with.'

    Ms M Zammit
  • It’s the little things that make the difference. Never too busy for a chat. It’s small business that provide the best service! Thank you Simon, and Scholtens Property.

    Mr B & Mrs J Fahey
  • Five Stars. Simon provided a highly satisfactory selling experience. He achieved my desired price with the minimum of fuss. I have no hesitation in unreservedly recommending him as a leasing or selling agent.

    Mr A Stow

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Getting on better together when residing in a strata property

Living in a strata property presents a unique set of challenges. Juggling neighbours, attending meetings and navigating different personalities is all a part of the unique tapestry of strata living. We asked some of our expert managers for tips on how to get the most out of living in a strata property.

  • Be aware: know the strata rules for your state, and your property’s by-laws/rules so you’re fully informed of your rights and your responsibilities.
  • Be involved: take an active interest in what goes on in your property. Attend meetings where decisions are made, and make your vote count. Use your proxy if you can’t attend. Ensure that insurance is adequate, and that the property has sufficient funds to meet the long term maintenance plans.
  • Protect your investment: maintain common property. If it’s getting run down, put up a motion at a meeting for specific works to be done.
  • Be respectful: seek approval before altering common property. It doesn’t matter that it’s your courtyard if it’s common property, it’s owned by everyone.
  • Be empathetic: understand that your neighbour may be on the other side of your living room or bedroom wall, so be mindful of others.
  • Talk first: talk to your neighbours if there’s a problem. They may not realise their actions are causing a nuisance.
  • Don’t let it fester: pursue by-law/rule breaches. If talking has not resolved a by-law breach, contact your owners committee or strata professional to issue a formal notice regarding the breach. The first step may be to apply for mediation.
  • Be flexible: there may be times you need to give a little more leeway to accommodate different personalities.- PICA Property and Financial Services